John, I agree with Jack Altschuler that incremental change is the only way to proceed. I detect less sentiment for a new constitutional convention than for splitting the country into separate red and blue federations, and talk of splitting is just fantasy for pundits.

It has been hard to amend the Constitution item by item. To re-write the whole thing would be exponentially harder.

As you work through the founding documents, you might enjoy Forrest McDonald's Novus Ordo Seclorum, which explores the intellectual background the Founders brought to the task.

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Good primer, John. It is, indeed, clear that the Constitution needs some updating, like eliminating the Electoral College as you implied, and electing the President by popular vote, the same way we conduct every other election in this country. Majority rule. Surely, there is more low hanging fruit, but that Article V Constitutional Convention seems to me like an invitation to disaster. Here's why.

We are suffering mightily from minority rule in the Senate and in the states mandating voting suppression and more. The emotional appeal to fear and anger started by Newt Gingrich, as you indicated, is working to elect radicals who make that happen.

Roughly 20 million Americans think violence is okay to ensure they themselves have power. 38% of Americans believe that the 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent, that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and that Donald Trump should be restored to office/power. Of course, none of those beliefs is true and returning Trump to power by acclimation isn't possible, but that's where these folks are stuck.

These people are enraged and impassioned people show up to vote. Worse, they're the ones calling for a Constitutional Convention and only 5 more states are needed to make that nightmare happen. They already poison our country with lies, insane conspiracy theories and hatred. Hundreds showed up this week in Dealey Plaza in Dallas expecting JFK and John Kennedy, Jr. to show up at 12:29PM because they believe they aren't dead. And these are some of the people who want to create a new constitution for this nation.

The Constitution needs substantial updating, to be sure, but not that way.

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