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The Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists. This debate has been going on for 240 years, at least. Although (in my not so humble opinion) we desperately need a strong federal government, a little less than half of the citizenry appears to disagree with that position. I attribute that to the false American narrative and mythos that we are "rugged individuals" who have a "manifest destiny" and who are somehow special.

My mother (bless her heart) raised me to be a proud Texan, even though she hailed from West Virginia. I think this pride in the identity of the state from which we come is instilled in most children and that it stays with a large majority of people throughout their lives. This does not bode well for federalism... especially when people go to pay (or make the final decision not to file) their Federal Income taxes.

Mix that in with the horrible tax burden laid on the middle class to support "the 47% 'welfare state,'" and we have a populace that is in revolt. With gerrymandering legal (in the minds of the 6 corporatist Supreme Court Justices) it won't be state governments that are the target of the upcoming revolution.

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